Fundraising with Muslims in Need

Pakistan Floods 2022

The 2022 floods in Pakistan killed 1,739 people and caused ₨ 3.2 trillion ($14.9 billion) of damage and ₨ 3.3 trillion ($15.2 billion) of economic losses. The immediate causes of the floods were heavier than usual monsoon rains and melting glaciers that followed a severe heat wave, both of which are linked to climate change.

The flooding was the world’s deadliest flood since the 2020 South Asian floods and described as the worst in the country’s history. On 25 August, Pakistan declared a state of emergency because of the flooding.

At Normanton House School pupils are encouraged to think about global issues and concerns such as Global watming as well as the importance of charity and helping those less fortunate.

To help the victims of the devastating floods, our students worked in conjunction with international charity Muslims in Need, to rasie funds by organising bake sales, increasing awarenes among family and friends and doing sponsored activities to raise funds. 

The Role of  Normanton House School

Here at Normanton House School, we take the personal development of our students very seriously. Charity work is an excellent opportunity to build organisational and communication skills as well as build awareness and empathy among students.

Representatives from Muslims in Need visited the school and delivered an assembly on the devastation facing the flooded areas and the challenges face by those affected. In the following weeks, students worked hard to raise awareness of the hardships the flood victims were facing and with the help of their family and friends, were able to raise essential funds through sponsored activities and charity bake sales.

These funds were delivered to those who needed them most and provided essential food, shelter and medical supplies. Students were personally thanked by Muslims in Need for their efforts and hard work and encouraged to make charity a regular part of their lives, always thinking of those less fortunate.



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