We have an extensive Careers programme which aims to provide Careers guidance and support to our secondary school pupils. This makes them aware of the wide variety of professions available at an early stage and enables them to make informed choices about further education and career paths.

At Normanton House School pupils are encouraged to think and prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life as well as their future in both this Life and the Hereafter.  

To help the Students prepare for their future, they receive regular session of careers guidance.  Pupils have the opportunity to explore different avenues available to them and receive guidance as to what choices would help them to achieve their desired occupation.  

The Role of  Normanton House School

Here at Normanton House School, we take careers advice very seriously. Some of the steps we take to ensure that our pupils receive the guidance and advice they need, include:

  • Skills for Success Lessons scheduled into the normal timetable – all students will be provided with a free bank of resources including –  1. How to work out what you want to do, 2. How and where to find jobs, 3. Applying for a job, 4. Preparing for an interview, 5. How to ace an interview
  • Careers Advice sessions weekly for classes from Year 8 upwards with the opportunity for face to face questions and answers with an independent advisor
  • Introduction to KUDOS programme; Kudos takes students on a journey of discovery where they explore their potential through a personalised experience based on their interests and aspirations. Students will discover new ideas, understand which careers best suit them and uncover how what they are learning in school links to future opportunities and their career destination
  • KUDOS access to all software programmes – all students have access to this software from Year 8 upwards
  • Big Bang Careers Fair – Students attend this annual careers fair. The number of exciting career possibilities that exist within science, technology, engineering and maths are endless and the best news is, there’s a route for everyone. Whether you want to learn on the job, go to college, go to university or combine different routes, you can start planning your own path now. Every young visitor who comes to The Fair will have the opportunity to find out about the amazing work of scientists and engineers
  • Careers resources available in the Library
  • Year 11 students have the opportunity to attend the Skills Show annually. The Skills Show is the nation’s largest skills and careers event helping to shape the future of a new generation, by helping young people to go further, faster in their careers. The event provides ‘Have a Go’ experiences that inspire young people to explore careers and motivates them to find out more about the world of work. Over 200 national and local employers and training organisations areon on-hand to engage with young people. There are hundreds of great career ideas to explore, including jobs of the future.

We also  provide a range of careers activities, including;

  • Work experience: All Year 10 students have a week of work experience; the students have the opportunity to arrange self-placements and if that is not possible, the school aids the pupil to find a suitable placement
  • Contacts with a range of other schools, further education and higher education providers, to ensure that students have access to a range of options at each stage of their education. Students have visited universities to help aid their future career choices.

Normanton House School endeavours to support pupils to take up education and training which offers good long term prospects through analysis of internal destination measures. 

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